Kostas Kaloulis

Kostas joined +ND Capital in our Lausanne office in 2018. He is currently CEO of EVIR Therapeutics and former CEO of Arctos Medical (sold to Novartis), two companies that he helped to structure and spin-out from the University of Bern and EPFL.

Prior to this, he headed the Innovation for the Life Sciences school at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), and on behalf of InnoSuisse (the Swiss Federal Innovation Initiative), acted as an expert for new healthcare startups and technologies across Switzerland. He has more than 18 years of experience in research, serial entrepreneurship, and biopharmaceutical business development & strategic innovation (Merck KGaA), where he has structured, negotiated, and managed numerous licensing and strategic partnerships deals. His main career motivation is to bring scientific breakthroughs to patients. As co-founder of the ReMedys Foundation, he supports the development of products with low commercial interest, but with potentially great impact to patients’ lives.

Kostas holds a PhD in Molecular Embryology from the University of Geneva, and did Post Doctoral research in cancer genetics at the Swiss Institute of Cancer Research.