Aditya Rajagopal

Aditya joined +ND Capital in 2019. He is the Founder, CTO, and a Member of the Board of Directors at ChromaCode, a multiplexed diagnostics company that uses signal compression to lower costs, increase capacity, and standardize measurement with existing PCR instrumentation. He is also a Co-Founder and Board Director of Esperto Medical, a company that combines novel ultrasound probes with machine learning to continuously monitor vital signs. Previously, he was a researcher at Google[x], where he worked on novel medical imaging methods. He has expertise in thermal engineering, digital signal processing, nano-scale electronics, low-power circuit design for implantable sensors, DNA sequencing structures and techniques, and PCR devices and applications.

Aditya is part-time faculty in the Electrical Engineering Department at Caltech, and in Biomedical Engineering at USC. He received his BS, MS, and PhD in Electrical Engineering from Caltech.